Effects of Testosterone Propionate

Of all the testosterone forms the effects of Testosterone Propionate are some of the most misunderstood. Many people tend to have a fair understanding of large ester compounds like Testosterone Enanthate, but when it comes to mixtures like Sustanon 250 or the small ester Testosterone Propionate the story changes. Over the years and this is largely thanks to steroid message boards the effects of Testosterone Propionate have been largely misconstrued. Itís very common for individuals to report and make claims that are impossible and make no sense if we actually understand the hormone, but thatís the problem. The problem is most donít understand the hormone at all; in-fact, many assume things like Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Propionate are two very different steroids when theyíre actually identical on a hormonal basis.

In any case, we want to take a good look at the effects of Testosterone Propionate. We want to you to understand how these effects manifest based on its small ester nature so that you can distinguish this form from other testosterone forms. Further, we want to look at the direct effects of Testosterone Propionate so that you know what to expect should you decide use is right for you.

The Effects of Testosterone Propionate vs. other Testosterones:

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When it comes to the benefits that can be obtained, the effects of Testosterone Propionate are identical to all other forms of testosterone. If this is a surprise it shouldnít be; after all, testosterone is simply testosterone no matter the ester attached to it. The only difference in the varying forms is the half-life and total molecular weight of the compound due to the ester attached. For example, the effects of Testosterone Propionate will be displayed rapidly but only for a short period of time. Further, the compound will be more concentrated and there will be more actual testosterone per milligram due to the ester taking up less space in the total compound. Beyond this nothing changes from one form to the next.

The Effects of Testosterone Propionate Ė Bulking vs. Cutting:

The effects of Testosterone Propionate are perfect for anyone who is entering an off-season bulking phase. Specifically speaking anyone who is looking to add new lean muscle mass to their frame. By promoting nitrogen retention and protein synthesis as well as its ability to bind firmly to the androgen receptor the body is primed for growth. Couple this with the steroidís ability to promote IGF-1 and you have an extremely potent anabolic atmosphere perfect for lean muscle mass. Not only is this steroid perfect for growth but through its metabolic enhancing properties the effects of Testosterone Propionate will ensure you minimize body fat gain while growing new muscle tissue.

While perfect for off-season gains the effects of Testosterone Propionate are equally perfect for the cutting phase. Once again the same effects of Testosterone Propionate that promote anabolism will promote a preserving atmosphere. Specifically speaking our body will be able to l ose body fat without sacrificing lean muscle tissue; a very valuable trait as lean tissue is often lost when dieting. The same can be said of the preservation of strength, but what makes this steroid truly shine is in its ability to also promote fat loss. The same metabolic enhancement that protects you from gaining too much fat in the off-season will see you burn more body fat when dieting. Couple this with the preservation traits and in the end you have a leaner and more muscular physique.

The Effects of Testosterone Propionate on Performance:

It does not matter why youíre using this steroid, the effects of Testosterone Propionate will always include an enhanced rate of recovery as well as increased muscular endurance. In many ways the promotion of anabolic activity is responsible for such traits but more important is this steroidís ability to promote red blood cell count and the resulting greater blood oxygenation. Further, glucocorticoid hormones are inhibited and this means less muscle wasting hormones that also promote fat gain. Through such traits the effects of Testosterone Propionate will result in an athlete who doesnít tire out as fast and just as important recovers from strenuous activity much faster than he would have otherwise.